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TechFund is focused on discovering startups building the next disruptive technology. We believe that great tech companies are built when entrepreneurs are partnered with venture professionals who have the experience to accelerate a team's development.



Techfund focuses on the information and clean energy technology sectors where our hands-on experience helps create disruption leaders and where new approaches require multi-disciplinary expertise.

Information Tech

We target new technologies in networking & communications as well as in digital media.

Clean Energy

We concentrate on distributed generation, energy efficiency, eco-intelligence, and renewable energy tech.

A Global
Track Record

Techfund was founded on the experience of building cutting edge companies that provide system, software, or services solutions that have global reach in sectors of technology convergence. Our experience is amplified by our relationships to corporate partners who can provide key insights, networks, and partnering opportunities.

In the 1990's TechFund was conceived by entrepreneurs who thought something was broken with the classical venture capital model. As the TechFund founders experienced the quest for funding in Silicon Valley and in European tech centers, it was clear that there were few venture guys who had ever really done a startup themselves.

The VC's often seemed surprised to find out that entrepreneurs needed not only assistance in funding but some hands-on support in building a team, re-imagining a market, or leveraging an international network. It seemed like the venture professionals were on one side, and the entrepreneurs on the other. We believed that this was an opportunity for re-imagining how a venture capital relationship could be built.

As a result we decided to create TechFund as a multi-stage fund that could start early, apply its talents on growing the startup, and still have the ability to support it to a successful IPO or sale. We learned not only did today's entrepreneurs need experienced VC partners, but that they needed to be networked at the earliest possible time to international corporate partners. Indeed, startups needed to have a global understanding of the forces and the competition that would impact their business. TechFund's unique emphasis on leveraging the fund's international corporate investors helped its startups accelerate their global ambitions and understanding.

Today TechFund is a leading international venture team who is able to leverage its global track record and experience to build the NEXT generation of successful startups.






We leverage our operational backgrounds, investment experience, & international networks.

The investment team of TechFund has founded, financed, and led to profitability many successful high-growth technology companies. Close partnerships with leading international corporations has created many international networks that TechFund's portfolio companies can leverage.

To Success

We compete by identifying the most promising teams with the talent, technology & vision, to build great companies.


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